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Understand Your Finances

The key to regaining control of our financial life is to understand completely where your money goes now, and then structuring an effective financial wellness plan to define your goals, and to govern how and when you spend and save. We offer a sophisticated consumer involved service that helps our clients understand where money is going, and how best to conserve it.

Level Coaching wellness coaches provide consumer education and guidance in the following areas:

  • Financial Wellness Planning
  • Do it yourself Estate Planning
  • Do it yourself Retirement Planning
  • Insurance Concepts
  • Money Market Education
  • Mutual Fund Education

Here’s how we put our knowledge to work:

Step One: Initial Interview

The first step towards reaching your goals is defining them. You’ll be assigned to one of our wellness coaches, who will first conduct a thorough personal interview with you. He or she will delve into your financial history, current income and spending, assets and liabilities, and your future goals. We will also look at other factors that could impact your life wellness plan, such as relationships, and the role they play in your finances.

Step Two: Wellness Analysis

After the interview, the information you provide is run through our specialized financial ratio analysis software, designed to calculate and develop financial goals, forecasts, and what-if scenarios. The software also generates a financial scorecard of key financial information and indicators. The information is delivered in a customized, easy-to-read report that includes charts, graphs and ratios.

Financial Wellness Analysis pricing ranges from $295 to $995, depending on the complexity of your situation.

Wellness Tutoring

We believe that everyone is capable of not only living a debt-free life, but of accumulating wealth. The key: education. Whenever you feel stuck and don’t know who to turn to, there’s a real professional tutor waiting to help you make sense of your situation. Our clients have the opportunity to take advantage of 9 private wellness tutoring sessions and 9 educational sessions with experienced and certified financial educators.

Educational Materials

Our clients also learn the ins and outs of financial security through our time-tested financial education course, consisting of books, CD’s, and self-testing materials. This do it yourself course will help you with creating your personal financial wellness plan.

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Free Initial Financial Analysis