Revamp Your Finances Before the Countdown: 4 Moves Every Level Coach and Financial Success Enthusiast Should Make!

As the year winds down, it’s time to break free from financial autopilot and give your money matters a thoughtful once-over. Whether you’re aiming for fiscal success or coaching others to financial excellence, these four strategic moves are your ticket to a stronger financial game in 2024.

1. Retirement Reimagined: Let’s talk about retirement contributions. It might not be your daily coffee chat, and that’s perfectly fine. Yet, weaving it into your routine can pay off. Consider a 1%-2% boost if your budget allows, barely a dent in your paycheck. Conversely, if savings are tight, dial it down temporarily. Keep an eye on contribution limits if you’re on a max-out mission.

2. Yearly Expense Expedition: Monthly budgets are the norm, but what about those sneaky annual expenses? Car insurance, memberships, and credit card fees—make a list. It’s your roadmap to avoiding last-minute budget hiccups as the new year unfolds.

3. Interest Safari: Know your debt’s interest rates—it’s your financial compass. Credit cards dance to variable tunes, and fixed rates might be fuzzy memories. Uncover these details to refine your repayment strategy, be it consolidating, refinancing, or reordering your payoff priorities.

4. FSA Finale: If you’re rocking a flexible spending account (FSA), don’t let it idle. Check the rollover balance—then, act! Schedule those end-of-year check-ups, refill prescriptions, and explore FSA-friendly indulgences, from dental work to a doctor-prescribed massage. Pro tip: it’s an excellent excuse for a medicine cabinet clean-out!

Ready to elevate your financial prowess? Take the plunge with a Financial Success Coaching consultation. Our team will guide you through our financial training program steps, answering your burning questions. No strings attached! If you’re in need of swift advice, our Coaches on Demand are just a chat away. Let’s make 2024 your year of financial triumph!